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Decision Making and Interview Preparation for the Indonesian Migrant Domestic Worker Community

2020 has taught us that there has never been a better time to develop ourselves. With that in mind, in collaboration with the Chinese Rhenish Church Migrant Training Centre Next Chapters conducted a two-part workshop on Decision Making and Interview preparation for 11 Indonesian migrant domestic workers. Engaging in group, pair, and individual activities, participants had their Sunday full of reflection, practice, and confidence in planning for their futures.

Decision Making Key Take-Aways:

🔸 Decision making includes incorporating our head and heart into the process.

🔸The best choices result from a process of thorough reasoning and evaluation.

🔸The right decision makes sense and feels right.

Interview Prep Highlights:

🔸Research opportunities

🔸Structure your responses

🔸Emphasize your uniqueness

🔸Keep professionally developing yourself

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