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Our Partners

Our partners are like-minded organizations that share the common vision of bridging social divides by supporting underprivileged individuals to reach their
full potential. We work closely with them to problem-solve, improve our
workshops and reach larger audiences.


We offer listen and learn sessions with potential organizations

looking to problem-solve with the communities they represent.

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PathFinders is a humanitarian services organization that focuses their efforts in supporting vulnerable babies born in Hong Kong, children and migrant women. Many of the children and women they serve face extreme risk of abuse, neglect and trafficking. Since fall 2016, we have trained over 200 women, including those from Bangladesh, Somalia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, through workshops with PathFinders.

We don’t have many trainers as experienced as Christy in conducting classes. She created a synergetic and interactive learning environment.
   – Carmen Lam, Director of Community       Education and Outreach

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Teen’s Key

Teen’s Key is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of marginalized young women and girls in Hong Kong. The organization supports young girls who are at high risk of unwanted pregnancies, young mothers, as well as girls in the sex industry. Since May 2018, we have developed and implemented 7 workshops for Teen’s Key. 


“Christy is a professional leader in this aspect.
I hope to see her in another presentation
as she is influential to others.”

– Testimonial by Teen’s Key participant on Workplace Communication.

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Philippine Overseas

Labor Office

Overseas Workers

Welfare Administration

The Philippines Overseas Labor Office protects the rights, interests and welfare of Filipino domestic helpers working in Hong Kong, among other duties. The Philippines Overseas Labor Office and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration have assisted us reach over 1,000 participants through our Child Care Training Program since March 2018. 

The training is on point with the realities of migrant domestic workers. I truly hope Christy holds a lot more trainings like this in the future.
   – Fennie G., Child Care Training Participant 

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Resolve Foundation

Negotiation is a soft skill that often needs tough mentalities. To be a successful negotiator means not only making your case, but also being fair and understanding towards the counterpart. Negotiation is a key skill to leadership development, which was the focus for Resolve’s fellowship program.


Next Chapters ran a training on negotiation in September 2019, in which the 15 fellows, 6 staff members and 3 board members were able to gain a clearer understanding of negotiation – its styles, key aspects and process, appreciate the value of exploring negotiation planning and deepen their skills via examples of techniques that support learners to find mutually agreeable outcomes through increased knowledge and simulation.

"People have different life experiences and perspectives. Show empathy when dealing with conflicts. Build bridges and prepare a Plan B or Plan C.

 Learnings from Resolve Fellow Participants  

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