Our Educational Training Workshops, Tailor-made Programs, and Professional Development Coaching aim to teach and equip essential skills to members of vulnerable communities for them to succeed and thrive in a fast-paced, competitive society like Hong Kong. We are here to offer a resource of support to those who need it. 

Since 2016, our programs have reached more than 1,300 individuals, with many participants returning to build on what they’ve learned by embarking on other programs. Our programs provide access to resources for staff members affiliated with our Partners. 

What We Do


Our various Educational Training Workshops address the most pertinent areas of development for migrant workers, first-time parents and career planning for individuals from vulnerable communities.


Our 1-on-1 tailor-made training programs are custom-designed to offer support and guidance for any need-not-met from the Educational Training Workshops. These programs target development of specific goals or skills that the participant may already have in mind.


We partner with like-minded organizations to build innovative programs to equip individuals in vulnerable communities with the skills necessary to thrive. Together with our collaborators, we constantly improve our training sessions to meet the changing-needs of participants and reach more audiences.

  • Career Planning and Professional Development

  • Learning Outside of the Classroom: Practical Ideas for Young Learners

  • Professional Development Training for Childcare Workers

  • Planning for Migration

  • Long Distance Parenting

  • Positive Parenting for Migrant Women

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Christina Themar

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