Professional Development Coaching

Helping individuals unlock their highest potential, gain a renewed perspective, and take a fresh approach to their professional life.

Leveraging over two decades of expertise in cross-cultural environments, Next Chapters' founder and director, Christina Themar, supports individuals as they create, develop, and move forward confidently to realize the transformation they seek.

After a complimentary Discovery Session to better understand her client's needs and through a process of self-reflection and thoughtful dialogue, Christina's clients are empowered to clarify their goals, identify their challenges, and delve into possibilities related to:

Job Search for early professionals or those returning to work  

Social Integration & Inclusion in diverse work environments 

Career Development to explore professional advancement

Continuing Education to achieve performance improvement

Volunteer Work for those keen to give back to the community

Career Change to construct a path towards new opportunities

Christina's coaching sessions have served as the developmental space for self-discovery, providing encouragement, and applying actionable insights to accomplish their goals. 

Coaching professionals across the following sectors  has allowed Christina's clients to create, develop, and become the transformation they seek:

Architecture & Interior Design

Business Development  

Human Resources  

Diversity & Inclusion



Domestic Service

Early Childhood Development

Community Organizations

Christina has completed the ICF Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) Program with Transcend International (Hong Kong) and holds a Certificate in Professional Coaching from the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) (Canada), and a member of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community (HKICC).

Get in touch today for a free 45-minute Discovery Session to explore how coaching could support you to write your next chapter!


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"Career Success" 
Coaching Packages

"Career Exploration

& Clarity" 

A program designed to support professionals take the first critical steps to shape a new career. 


  • Free Discovery Session

  • 4 Coaching sessions x 75 minutes held fortnightly over 2 months via Zoom or in-person 

  • Models & Materials

Related Themes Include:

Explore your current situation

Set your professional goals

Identifying your strengths

Take first steps to achieve your goals

  • Fieldwork 

  • Email support in between sessions


"Sustainable Career Decisions & Plan"

Creating career success includes empowered decision making. Our coaching sessions include an introductory and closing session related to the coaching client's goals, while moving together through a 6-step session approach to help individuals move through their decisions with confidence and ease. 


  • 8 sessions x 75 minutes held fortnightly over 4 months via Zoom or in-person

  • Models & Materials

Relevant ​Themes Include:

Framing Your Goal 

Clarifying Your Values

Identifying Alternatives

Acquiring Useful Information

Applying Sound Reasoning

Commitment and Follow-through

  • Fieldwork 

  • Email support between sessions


"Career Narrative" 

"Career Narrative" 

Building the confidence to authentically communicate who we are and what we can bring to organizations can seem daunting. 

By receiving coaching on your professional narrative while gaining feedback and guidance on your CV, you will be able to confidently share the value you can add to the prospective organization. 


  • Free Discovery Session

  • 3 Coaching sessions x 75 minutes held over 2 months via Zoom or in-person 

  • Models & Materials

Relevant Themes Include:

Exploring your current narrative 

Identifying strengths + suitability

Communicating your value  

  • 1 CV Review (60 min)

  • 2 Interview Prep + FeedbackSessions (60 min)

  • Email support between sessions

HKD $5,000


"Next Chapters"

"​Next Chapters"

This comprehensive program is designed to encompass key aspects of the employment search process.

Career coaching allows clients to establish a goal throughout their job search, gain a clearer understanding of their strengths, explore potential opportunities, and create action steps to stay motivated and engaged while maintaining a balanced well-being.  

Each step offers supportive guidance as you write your next professional chapter.  


  • Free Discovery Session

  • 4 Coaching sessions x 75 minutes held over 2 months via Zoom or in-person 

  • Models & Materials

Relevant Themes Include:

Explore your current narrative

Identifying strengths + suitability

Interview preparation best practices

Set your career transition goals

Take steps towards achieving goals

  • 1 CV Review (60 min)

  • 1 Cover Letter Critique  (60 min)

  • 1 LinkedIn Profile Review (60 min)

  • 2 Interview Prep + Feedback Sessions (60 min)

  • Email support between sessions



"Christina is a professional coach, as she let me to have more self reflection during one year coaching journey! She as my coach to let me to set SMART goals and follow up my progress regularly! I am highly recommend Christina as a coach for self grow and development! "

— Joyce Y., Training Manger

“The session was very rewarding as I was able to appreciate myself as an integral part of Hong Kong's workforce. 

I was able to give a new life to my CV and gave me a new edge in hunting for a new job. Impressive is what employers said when sending them my CVs ." 

— Catalina M.,

Domestic Service and Child Care Worker