I am thankful for my coach who helps me dig deeper within myself, letting me see new areas of focus.

-- P. Liu Professional Development Coaching Client 

Professional Development  Coaching

Helping individuals unlock their highest potential, gain a renewed perspective, and a fresh approach to their professional life.


Leveraging two decades of expertise in cross-cultural environments, Christina helps her clientele gain clarity and move forward confidently while transitioning in their personal or professional life.

Christina has completed the ICF Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) Program with Transcend International (Hong Kong) and holds a Certificate in Professional Coaching from the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) (Canada). 

Coaching professionals in the following sectors has allowed Christina's clients to create, develop, and become the transformation they seek:


Community Organizations EducationArchitecture & Design Domestic Service – Child Care Business Development 


After meeting for a Discovery Session to gain a better understanding of her client's needs, Christina shares her support for individuals who are:

Joining the workforce as a new employee

Integrating into a cross-cultural work environment 

Returning to work as a seasoned professional

Developing relevant work-related skills

Transitioning upwards within the organization

Moving forward towards a new opportunity

Christina’s coaching sessions are the developmental space for self-discovery. Through a process of self-reflection and thoughtful dialogue, Christina encourages her clients to clarify their goals, identify their challenges, and delve into possibilities.


Coaching provides encouragement and actionable insights to accomplish your goals and write your next chapter. Get in touch today for a free 30-minute Discovery Session to explore how coaching could serve as support for you!

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