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Using Uncertainty to Your Advantage

A heartfelt thanks to Maria Gomez for the opportunity to speak with the Asociación de Mujeres de Habla Hispana en Hong Kong (AMHH)​ - (Spanish Speaking Women's Association of Hong Kong).

My notes shared the key message that times of uncertainty can make us anxious when it comes to knowing which way to turn in our professional lives. Instead, valuing the practice of staying prepared and utilizing uncertainly as a motivational space for growth and development can powerfully shift our mindset as we write the next chapter for ourselves.

Professional Development Tips for Writing Your Next Chapter: ​

◽️ Be ready to connect for possibilities

◽️ Take ownership of your professional narrative

◽️ Serve yourself by being resourceful

◽️ Consider your CV as a powerful tool

◽️ Practice communicating your experience

◽️ Reflect upon your interviews - learn from them

Let's connect to explore professional development coaching and interview preparation!

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